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A Fourth of July Celebration, Spanish-style!

Who would've ever thought that one of the best Fourth of July celebrations would be held across the Atlantic? Wanting to break with the normal routine of having a "host parents only" meeting and celebrating the day with students at lunch, Equipo León decided to try something new this year - a picnic - and what a success it was! Not only did we get through the regular business of a parents' meeting, but we also witnessed a great cultural exchange between the students and their families. There were presentations, skits and even a song or two to commemorate the occasion - all led by students. And parents, get ready, some of the students cooked! Whether it was an old family recipe brought from the U.S. or one that has been learned (in Spanish) in the weeks we've been here - everyone put forth their best effort and were more than willing to try something new. As a teacher and as a program alum, I can honestly say I couldn't have been more proud of them!

While there may not have been fireworks (note: we did have them twice at the end of June for the fiestas of San Juan and San Pedro), between the food, the conversation and laughs and the seemingly-limitless hospitality shown to all of us by the Spanish host families - we sure felt like we were at home!

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