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¡Que viva el toro! – La corrida de toros, el 26 de junio

Okay, as we know, the fate of the bull is usually predetermined. From the moment the sizeable, fierce creature enters the ring, we *think* we can anticipate what will happen next and how he will meet his demise. We predict three rounds, tercios as they are called, of an elegant dance between man and beast. We surmise that the torero or matador, as he is often referred to, will be the last one standing in the ring, claiming one, if not both of the bull's orejas (ears) if not his rabo (tail) as well as his reward for displaying skill and dexterity. But, as it turns out, just this once, we were WRONG. At yesterday's corrida, it did happen - a bull was spared!- and our students were there to see it. This event happens only once every few years, as one host father proudly told me. And while such an occurence certainly does not change the controversial nature of this tradition, it did give provide us with ample topics for conversation!

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